4 Reasons to Work on the Weeds


My yard has dandelions. Like crazy. They showed up again early this spring. So I treated for them. Used some week killing granules. Applied. Waited. Hoped. Only to be disappointed. Didn’t take.

Next I tried some DIY environmentally friendly mixture on a few of the weeds. Waited to see if it would work. It did. It worked too well. Killed everything. Good thing I only sprayed a few weeds.

Back to the drawing board, I did some research and chose another spray. Applied about half the yard and waited expectantly. This had to work! Next day I had to leave town. I returned home to not fewer but more dandelions!

The whole process reminded me of something my friend, Ron pointed out a couple weeks ago. Weeds are like sin and brokenness.

  1. Sin, like weeds, increases if left unchecked.
  2. Sin, like weeds, must be addressed in the right way.
  3. Sin, like weeds, can seem colorful, even beautiful, but is ultimately destructive.
  4. Sin, like weeds, must be diligently guarded against.

No doubt we could keep going. In fact, feel free to comment with other parallels. For me, I’ll keep working on my weeds.