Grasping the Gospel

How is it that we in the church can so easily miss the Gospel? On any given Sunday, how many people in the church would be able to clearly communicate the Gospel message if asked? Could I clearly communicate it?


Finding Substance

If your stated values are worth pursuing, pursue them. You manage your time and resources. Manage them in an intentional way that makes a difference.

Merciful Storms

Rejecting God is always a bad idea for all of us. Worse though would be for us to miss responding to His call of mercy through the storms (hearing hard truths, obstacles meant to keep us from disobedience...). Is God calling you to Himself through the storms?

Meditation on Jonah

Jonah. From childhood, I’ve heard the story countless times. So imagine my surprise when I began to read the familiar story only to find my heart captured, clinging to every word like a drowning man grasping a life preserver. Finding truths that I’d long since known yet too easily ignored.

25 Minutes on Sunday

Regular church attendance with a body that values biblical teaching is important, but every one of us needs more that 25 minutes a week to become fully committed followers of Jesus (i.e. have a solid biblical foundation, a sincere and vital faith, and a firm grasp on the practical application of said faith in everyday life).