That One Thing

In small town, rural America, summer is synonymous with the county fair. Of course, you can’t have a fair without the carnival rides. So when we made our trek to the county fair this summer, it’s not surprising that the rides were the first, last, and perhaps only place my daughter wanted to go.

When we finally got to the carnival, something interesting occurred to me. As soon as the wristband was wrapped around her arm, my daughter wanted to shoot off into the middle of the fun. No ride was excluded from her curiosity. Before I knew it, she was far ahead of my wife and me. Weaving through the crowds from one attraction to the next, she seemed to be a blur.

Amidst the crowds and all the attractions, I was reminded of something. All of the things that could be distractions tend to fall away when you’re intently focused on one thing. As my daughter ran ahead, my eyes were fixed on her. Nothing else mattered. I quickly sidestepped anything that would impede my progress. Familiar faces in the crowd remained unseen because I had one mission at that time.

In Philippians 3:13, Paul talks about “one thing” that is of such intense focus that everything else falls away. Paul says he forgets what lies behind and pushes forward toward the “one thing.” That one thing is knowing Christ and the culmination of that relationship when God calls him heavenward to meet Him face to face!

That’s the one thing that is of unparalleled beauty and importance. It’s also the one thing to which we are called and He is worth our earnest, undeterred focus.


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