Better Than a Piece of Cake

“We were briefed to believe that there would be no living things on the beach, no life of any kind. It would be a piece of cake.”

So notes Stephen E. Ambrose (D-Day) quoting an Allied soldier regarding the D-Day invasion of Normandy. It’s doubtful anyone really believed this would be the case in the days and weeks leading up to D-Day. Yet in an effort to boost morale and bolster the men’s courage, this is what was said.

I wonder if we don’t do something of the same thing in the Christian life. Maybe even without realizing it, we communicate that the Christian life will be a “piece of cake.” Whether it’s in effort to boost morale or gain “converts,” we end of telling people a lie with results that are troubling. People become disillusioned or persist in believing what is no gospel at all.

No one wishes for trouble, but in avoiding the truth that “in the world you will have trouble” (John 16:33) could it be that we’re missing something better? After all, everyone knows that there is trouble, suffering, difficulty, and more in this world. The beauty of the Christian message is that we acknowledge this fully and boldly affirm there is something better!

Instead of telling people life with Christ will be a “piece of cake.” Let’s tell them the truth. Life with Christ will involve tribulation and suffering. It likely won’t get better and could very well seem to get worse. And Jesus is better still! Jesus is better than the best this world has to offer. He is worth “losing” to gain His life (Philippians 3:8).

No, it won’t be a “piece of cake.” But it will be worth it in ways we cannot yet comprehend completely.


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