How to Succeed

I was coaching third base for my daughter’s softball team. As the girls made it from second to third base, I made sure to talk through the situation with them (“OK, we have two outs. We’ll run home on a fair ball.”).

After saying pretty much the same thing a dozen times or so–“On a hit, we’re going to run home. Run hard.”–a little girl turned to me and responded, “You mean I’m going to run home!”

After a good belly laugh, those words reminded me of a lesson we would all do well to review.

Success comes in knowing your job and doing it.

As a coach, it’s my job to help teach, encourage, and well, coach. I need to do those things that make me a better coach. The same is true in life. Whether it’s a job, relationship, or some other situation in which God has placed you, success is doing that thing with integrity and increasing excellence. In short, it’s doing that thing well for God’s glory. But that’s not all.

Success comes in knowing what not to do as well.

As my little friend reminded me, it’s not my job to run the bases for the players. Not only would it be illegal, it would be bad for everyone involved (In addition to me pulling a muscle, the girls would never learn to play softball). We sometimes forget this essential truth in other parts of life. We try to do too much. At best, we end up mediocre in everything. At worst, we burn out completely.

May we never forget that our doing all we do for God’s glory also means not doing a great many other things because they detract from the “all” we are called to do! To put it another way, may we know when to run.


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