Logic and Truth

Ok, this intrigues me.

Of course, there are all sorts of “dangers” in putting this here. I know that there’s the potential for angry words, logic leaps, irrational labeling that misses the point altogether.

Oftentimes, videos like this can generate more heat than light because we come into the issue with views entrenched, defenses raised, and “guns” blazing. We have a position to defend and for whatever reason it is deeply personal.

Obviously, I too have a particular view along with deeply held personal beliefs. I hope those beliefs are increasingly held because they are logical and based on what is true (I say increasingly because we can all afford to grow in this regard).

Even as I write that statement, I realize that not all of our views are logical and in accordance with the truth. What’s more is that for some (maybe many), it’s not even a priority that their beliefs and views fit the standards of logic and truth. I guess I’m not really writing to those people because I am assuming that logic and truth are worth pursuing.

To those who do think logic and truth are worth pursuing I offer this video because it reminded me of the importance of logic and truth. It also reminded me of how attractive and beneficial it is to have civil and respectful conversations about these things (even when we disagree). Maybe it will do something of the same for you.


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