Monday Musings

Mondays. For many, Mondays mark the beginning of a new work (or school) week. Maybe anticipated but mostly dreaded it seems, Mondays are a kind of starting over–the weekend is over and the week has begun. As a pastor, Mondays can be a little more complicated. True, they mark a sort of beginning. But for me at least, they include a bit more than that as I think about the day before in a sort of closing of the previous week exercise. Here are some of the things I typically think about on Mondays.

I think about who was missing.

This one weighs pretty heavily on me as I think and pray through Sunday. Selfishly, I find it so encouraging when people show up. I’m convinced that most people will never truly know the power of their presence. Most people likely suppose that because they don’t “do anything” in the worship service, it doesn’t matter that much whether they attend or not. But when you’re gone, it matters to me. I notice and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

But there’s another reason my heart is heavy for those who are missing. It’s because when you’re missing, you’re missing out! You’re missing out on the chance to be encouraged and to encourage others. You’re missing out on the chance to experience worship with other Christ-followers. You’re missing out on hearing how God is working in others’ lives. You’re missing out on the unique opportunity that corporate worship offers to lay down your burdens before God. And you’re missing out on the incredible gift of being reminded of the beauty of the all-satisfying Savior, Jesus Christ!

I think about who may have been impacted.

I cherish the ones who do show up. I find deep encouragement in the service of those who tirelessly, gladly use their gifts in ministry. I love that they love to serve in music ministry, children’s ministry, teaching ministry…

I thank God for the ones who showed up and placed themselves in the way of God’s working. They sang, listened, joined in prayer, greeted others. In other words, they just did the “normal” Sunday morning stuff and in the doing were open to God’s teaching them and using them.

I also wonder how these can take the next step in growth and ministry. We’re impacted in order to impact others with the love of Jesus. So on Mondays, I think about, hope for, and pray for those who were present in worship on Sunday to take the next step of growth.

I think about who should be reached.

This one always gets me. There’s something beautiful about celebrating and reveling in the magnificence of God with other Christ-followers! So much so that I find myself wondering who else could be invited to come along. Who in the room that Sunday needed to be rescued from the cold, dead hands of legalism and empty religion by the heart-rescuing, life-giving Savior? Who outside those walls needs to know that there is good news? On Mondays, I think about how the church (both individually and corporately) can get better at reaching out to those who have yet to hear clearly the good news of Jesus.

Because the good news of Jesus is as sufficient, beautiful, and life-changing on Monday as it was yesterday!


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