God doesn’t need a co-pilot. Assuming such a role communicates lack of trust and submission. Keeping the appropriate distance not only honored God’s character, it stressed the need to fix one’s eyes on Him to submit to His leadership. Are we following God at the appropriate distance? Too far and we’ll lose sight of Him. Too close and we’ll try to be His co-pilot. God calls for followers, not co-pilots.

Excerpt from “Know the Way”


Mondays. For many, Mondays mark the beginning of a new work (or school) week. Maybe anticipated but mostly dreaded it seems, Mondays are a kind of starting over–the weekend is over and the week has begun. As a pastor, Mondays can be a little more complicated. True, they mark a sort of beginning. But for me at least, they include a bit more than that as I think about the day before in a sort of closing of the previous week exercise. Here are some of the things I typically think about on Mondays.

Excerpt from “Monday Musings”